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In order to ensure we can keep the forum available for all to enjoy please take note of the following forum rules. As this is a publicly accessible forum the club needs to ensure that it's content is suitable for all to see. The committee ask all members to please familiarise themselves with the following. Drawing attention to the size of someones engine or number of cylinders is still permissable as well as extracting the Michael about peoples headwear but please use the common sense gifted to you when posting ;)
Jolly good

Posts may be subject to moderation if they

Are considered sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit or otherwise objectionable
Are likely or are intended to offend, provoke or attack other users, Contain swear words or bad language, distasteful jokes that are likely to offend other users.
Break the law, condone the breaking of the law or encourage others to break the law
Describe or encourage behaviour which may endanger the safety of other forum users
Contain questions from non club members regarding technical advice
‘Spam’ - No Spamming the forum and please keep posts on topic.
Contain libellous comments about one or more of the club sponsors, or contain falsehoods which are likely to dissuade club sponsors from supporting the club in future.
Advertise products and/or services which are off-topic, Contain links to websites which are considered off-topic
Advertise products and/or services from a company who have not paid the club advertising fee
Are written in languages other than English (unless doing so would aid a full club member)

Members agreement

You agree not to post any abusive, slanderous, threatening, or otherwise questionable material that may offend any other auto clubs, organisations, individuals, individual’s cars, or individuals cars for sale. Doing so may lead to you being immediately and permanently banned from the forum with no explanation given.
You agree that the webmaster, administrator and moderators of this forum have the right to remove, edit, move or close or view any topic or user content at any time should they see fit. A moderator’s decision will be final.
Should the webmaster, administrator or moderators determine that a personal dispute exists between two members, and that dispute is detrimental to the spirit of the forum, the thread will be locked/deleted and the members in dispute will be invited to contact each other, off forum, to resolve their issues.
At anytime a moderator or administrator may lock, delete or move a post or topic and is under no obligation to inform the originator if this was done as a result of the content being contrary to these rules. In normal circumstances however, a short private message will be sent detailing any reasons why.
From the 21/11/2014 any posts made by a forum user will remain on the POC (UK) forum even if the post originator is no longer a forum user. The POC (UK) will be under no obligation to remove any such posts.

Forum Software

The forum software automatically filters inappropriate language out of messages. However posts/messages that contain language which has been filtered (and therefore is not displayed to the public) may still be subject to moderation. Any attempt to circumvent the language filters will be seen as a breach of these terms and will be moderated accordingly.

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