Many Parts I wish to sell etc...

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Many Parts I wish to sell etc...

Post by Ty » Sat Sep 05, 2020 9:35 am

Hello all,

Not been on here in a while other parts of life have prevented me from trying to communicate with fellow Pontiac members etc... Anyway, I have a whole load of second generation Pontiac Firebird parts that I want to sell. Please can someone kindly tell me how I go about that and also, how I can post the story that I have been writing, but not finished on the seven year ground up restoration I did on my car. I have it in an Apple Mac format I think you may find the story very interesting it was not the most enjoyable restoration project, in fact, it was horrible really. I can only count a few fingers on my hand to the jobs I did enjoy. At least I did keep with it though.

I would also like to know how I can post along with my story the pictures of the finished project.

I have had it on the road for three years now and it is so awesome I love it. I am about to put a stage one Cam in it and also put a Holley Double Pumper Carb which I did put on it to start with along with an Offenhauser Inlet Manifold, but couldn't get it to run right. This is another story I will talk about if anybody is interested at a later time. I had to fix the Holley another interesting way on how I did that!

So if someone would kindly tell me as I have already asked, how I go about putting my stuff for sale on here, which I must also say, does need restoring same as what I painstakingly did to the parts on mine and then getting my story on here along with getting pictures posted as well that will be great.

Kind regards Ty.

andy t/a
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Re: Many Parts I wish to sell etc...

Post by andy t/a » Sun Sep 20, 2020 12:01 am

hi mate. unfortunately the forum is pretty much dead now days. everybody is mainly on the facebook page which is a shame as the forum used to be real busy till facebook took over. Ian Hopkinson is the man to ask for help on posting up stuff. the facebook page would be your best bet at selling the parts but the forum would still be the best for your restoration story with a post on the facebook page to let people know /link to the story on here. hope this helps a bit mate.Andy.

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Re: Many Parts I wish to sell etc...

Post by cowboy1sf » Fri Oct 02, 2020 1:38 pm

You can find us all on the Pontiac owners club UK Facebook page.
Or post a list here and I’ll copy it to the FB page


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